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We are a female-founded online destination of handpicked maternity-friendly and stylish maternity clothing offering versatile clothing solutions for expecting moms.

We are a unique concept dedicated to an underserved yet highly important niche in the fashion industry; yes, you expecting mama! Brands and retailers communicate well with non-pregnant women, however, the moment you are pregnant content is not relevant and product does not seem relevant. There is a clear disconnect and we want to provide you with that same feeling of connectedness that you were used to while shopping for new clothes.

So, how do we help?

We provide you with the right content and the precise clothing that will suit you while you are expecting (and beyond). Most of our product offering is non-strict maternity clothing! Turns out there are many stylish non-maternity pieces you can wear while you are expecting.

We take the time consuming, overwhelming, and challenging work out of finding the right and stylish pieces for a growing baby bump so you can enjoy your time doing something else you love.

What you will find.

An edited selection of handpicked maternity and non-maternity high-quality pieces made to last. Pieces you will cherish and wear even after baby arrives.

At Party of Two you will continue to feel relevant and we will support you so your clothing shopping experience does not need to change just because you are expecting.

Welcome to our community, stylish mama!